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Technology has brought tremendous change in our lives. Scientists are continuously working to develop new technologies to provide more useful products in order to make our lives easier. We get up from the bed hearing the sweet fm alarm, brush our teeth with electric brush. In the mean time the oven heats up our breakfast. We eat food, check the weather in phone, and watch the daily news to know the most recent news. Then we take our laptop and head to our workplace by car. That is how we usually start our day. Thus we can realize how much we are dependent on technologies.

Even though some people say that technology has lessened the quality of our lives, however, according to all the points of facts it made the world a better place to live. It provides us everything that we need in all aspects of our lives. Cell-phones are one of the surprising gift of technology that able to perform a lot of works at once. Now a days, phone is not just a phone, but it is like our private secretary that keeps track of everything and provides us necessary information. For instance few weeks earlier I lost my way in the city. So I called my cousin for help.

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His quick suggestion was to turn on the GPS of my phone. I turned it on and realize for first time i was carrying a map with me the whole time. Why do I need a map while I have the whole city in my hand? I am talking about my phone that I got recently. I am getting amazed every single day since I have been using it. It talks to me, it helps me talk. It helps me connect with the whole world, share my ideas, search information for me, take pictures, save my memories and a lot of other things. And I am just talking about a simple phone, which is only a very small part of technology.

Cell-phones are not the only technology we use in our everyday lives. We use many different technologies which make our life easier. Communication is much easier and faster now. It was a very lengthy process in the past. People had to write letters and it took days to get them. Communicating with dear ones, who used to live far, wasn’t so easy. Sometime people used to miss interviews due to late delivery of appointment letters. Email and phone solve all the problems in present days. We can email, text or call in a second and take care of our near ones as well as our professional matters.

Everything became digital and computer based. We should be grateful to Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Mucci the inventors of telephone. The new technologies brought us so closer that even living in different countries, far from relatives and friend people don’t feel the distance. Distance is not a matter of time anymore. It brought a huge change in transportation system. Traveling through the whole world is fun. We have cars, buses, trains etc in the road, aeroplanes through air for faster travels, ships and submarine to travel through water.

Submarines are also used to research more about marine biology and marine environment. It is also an excellent defend system. Self driving cars has been invented which not only a car but also a huge information system. Cars like Audi A3 Sedan (upcoming in 2014) will be the first vehicle to have an available high-speed LTE wireless connection as a part of its Audi connect package. It will display the Google Earth images and Google Street view in its navigation system. Moreover, scientists and engineers are trying to upgrade cars to solve the recent traffic system.

They are trying to invent a car that can also fly, so that the traffic in the road will be less and it will make our way faster. Education is much wider and easier. Students collect e-books from internet. They don’t have to carry huge books anymore or look for information from hundreds of books. Internet search engine Google and also many other educational sites contains information, may be more than they need. Study and research become so easy that, it is like the whole encyclopedia in front of them. Even there are online classes for the students who are not able to come to campus.

Learning and researching is not a pain anymore. The modern technologies bring the whole world to them, and they collect information from that. Technology gifted us robots. It is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent that is used to perform those repetitive or dangerous task which human prefer not to do or unable to do due to size limitation. It is also use out in the space and deep in the see where human can’t survive for the extreme environment. They can be autonomous, semi-autonomous or remotely controlled. A domestic robot is used for household chores. There are a few of them so far.

I robots like Roomba, Scooba , Verro and Looz are used for household chores. Though there are not much of them, but some day there will be a robot in every house and robot will be humans best friend. There are also robots which are used in industries . Those are called industrial robots. Speaking of robots, in fact whatever technologies we use is kind of robots. For instance, we watch TV where we get to know about the recent news all around the world and also it entertains us with various programs. The computer, the most significant technology, helps us with every aspects of life.

Cell phones not only help us connect but also help us to find our way, in fact talk to us and guide us with everything. We got tablets, i-pads and all those cool technologies which need us to do or to tell them what we want to know. They wait for our commands and make our life easier. Though robots are used in assistant to human beings, it replaces human. That’s why a lot of people think technology decreased the ………in job field. But considering everything technology also increased the …………of job. Eventually there are lot of computer programming job and lot of data based different ………. in present days.

Now everything is computer based and even to make a robot it has to be programmed. In the office, people don’t have to use file anymore or search things from a pile of file. Everything is in computer. One can save the files of information or data in the computer and get whatever he needs by one click. . It saves both space and time. . We don’t have to look for information and break our head in the pile of books. We just search it in google and it gives us all the information we need. Medical science has been improved……………….. Now it is possible to fully recover from a ………… diseases like Cancer by th help of modern technologies.

The vaccination of various diseases like Polio, Plague, etc. immuned people from these deases.. People can transplant body parts . People who lost their part of body can survive with bionic arms or legs. Pacemakers, ……………. liver, lungs ……………………. So the death rate decreased. Genetic engineers even trying to find a way to make mankind immortal or ever young. Genetic engineering solve a lot of problems. It helps people to get rid of lots of dieses and also disabilities. Now a days people even can customize their baby and if there any difect with the child they can fix it befor the child is born.

But a lot of people is against this. According to them it is not suppose to be like that, It breaks the chain of nature which may cause different problems. Some people thinks customizing babies make no sence. There are different opinions. But considering all the facts we realize that life become safer than before. Satalites are in the space to collect information about space as well as the earth. People thinking about settling in the moon. We already have a space station. Scientists sent robots in mar and in space for space expedition.

Probably we will be living in mars or in moon in near future. It not only make our life easier but also adds a pace to our lives. Now the pace of work, lifestyle, and technology are so faster. Everything is improving and changing, things become simpler and faster, 4G has taken place of 3G, Internet speed has become faster, Mac has come in and fat screen computer abolished, touch screen has taken place instead of keypads. Thus things are being upgraded day by day and changing our lives in a positive way. We get more time to relax. Looking back to the past I realize how lucky we are

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