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Suitcase Industry Analysis Nowadays, many people like traveling. When they travel to other cities or other countries, they must bring their luggage. They put their cloth, shoes, cosmetic, charges and a lot of things that you can imagine into their luggage. So, luggage has become the most important thing in our traveling. From wooden luggage to cortical luggage, from ancient to modern, from president to common people, they all need luggage. More and more Chinese luggage companies become OEM. They produce their company to some big brands such Samsonite, American Tourister, Tumi and etc.

Certainly, some of companies have their own brands and sell them in China and foreign countries. This report is focused on the Chinese luggage companies. From the content that I mentioned above, more Chinese luggage companies are OEM. So, the brands of the companies are unfamiliar to final customers. More and more companies are small and medium-sized enterprises and only a few of them are large-scale enterprises. Comparing with the introduction stage and growth stage, China luggage companies don’t have a strong increase. And, they are stable.

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From the data, we can find that the export volume doesn’t have a big change except the financial crisis period. So, we can easily find that it is not in the increasing stage. Then, comparing with the introduction stage and maturity stage, Chinese luggage industry didn’t appear the saturated situation because many Chinese businessman are entering into industry. They want to get a huge profit from this industry. And, even for some large-scale companies, they still have many competitors meanwhile the price of the same products has some fluctuation.

So, it is easily found that it is not in maturity stage. Finally, comparing with the decline stage, it is obviously shown that it is not in the decline stage because the sale and profits in this industry doesn’t has any decline. After the comparison, Chinese luggage industry is in the introduction stage. This industry rose after reform and open. It also has a long way to walk. Global economic recovery may bring a new chance for Chinese companies to have better performance than before.

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