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I was given birth in Punjab (India). However, added in addition to raise in place within various areas of our land, due to transferable task of my dad. He was in Indian Army. I started out my primary education from Mumbai. I spent my early 6 years of childhood over there. In addition, I have been to Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi. When I moved to Delhi, I grew up as teenage and self-dependent. Being brought-up in capital of India, it was a tremendous change for better life style.

The golden days of my life that I have spent six years in Delhi. I lived in army camp, which was very near to market, 16B Dwarka close to Bhagat Singh Street. My school was 24 kilometers away from our location. During my school days, I had very good friends and few enemies. We used to do fights in break, because of my fighting nature. Girls of my class always did my homework. I have a couple of forever friends. Every teacher loved our class. I was popular in school as I was player of hockey. Boys of my class always loved to eat another lunch boxes.

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I also ate my friends’ lunch boxes, it was very silly when we were pulling one-another lunch boxes in fighting manner. Moreover, we shared silly secrets and pulled leg of each other. Those were unforgettable days of my life. Most of us used to engage in our very own created game titles in count to plan for stimulating. Few of us similarly used to have gamble in addition to pleasures for incentives in idiotic items but surely not played pranks on everyone. The childhood years were incredible and were uncomplicated.

I was always placed exciting within advanced but spectacular items. It had been surrealistic but was likewise very funny occasionally. During my school days, we all occasionally used to involve in inside the down pours, help make report-fishing vessels, consume ice creams, and enjoy every decrease regarding water in addition to subsequent being most bathed in place within water my classmates used to have scorching chocolate bars drinks. A supreme nostalgic moment from my school life, which was never observed event of crowded Hockey Stadium at Bangalore.

The occasion was the first semi-finals of National Series Hockey between Karnataka Lions versus Delhi warriors. The stadium was unchanged, I have visited over there in the past 4 years for super division league matches, but none of them couldn’t always meet a crowd of more than a thousand persons. I was leading of my team. The first half ended with 1-1, however opponents got their part of penalty corner at the initial starting of the match, and it looked like an even game.

When second half started, I pumped up my team members to boost them in the last minutes of the first half. We did eight counter attacks only in 10 minutes of the second half and converted six out of them. Then we came into defensive technique and by the end of the game, we managed to score 9 goals. That was a huge success of us because our team was in the final after 10 years. I was very happy and boost-up with my performance because I scored 6 out of nine goals and all were counter attacks. These moments were regarding to our school life.

I always enjoy these moments when I start to think about. Today, I can say I am again enjoying to remember those days and got a chance to write down all of them in term of memoir. Analysis: When I look at my past now days I always think teenage was the turning points of my life. School life was related to my friends and family. Delhi has given me lot of precious memories like small get together and family functions and silly fights were part of my daily life. Right now, I think we all have money but we don’t have time to share our idiotic items with each other.

Now when I am here I have a nice partner who loves me a lot, but still sometimes I miss my old days. Being apart from all these things, I miss my family a lot. The biggest change in my life is the way of analyzing my future and working according to it. I just want to say that all the things written above in my memoir are true and all the incidents are deeply related to my actual life. Today when I got this chance to right about my life`s nostalgic moments I’m very happy about it.

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