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MAR1011 WK8 HOMWRK Class Discussion (30 points) This week’s discussion focuses retail distribution strategies. You will have the opportunity to analyze traditional and non-traditional retail strategies. Please respond to the following prompt in the class discussion section of your online course: 1. How would you classify Wal-Mart in terms of position on the wheel of retailing versus that of an off-price retailer? Individual Work (35 points) The following assignment allows you to analyze the Mall of America.

You will have the opportunity to develop strategies designed to assist the Mall of America in acquiring new customers. Please read the “Mall of America Shopping and a Whole Lot More” case study (pages 313-315). After reading the case, please answer the following questions: 1. Why has the Mall of America been such a marketing success so far? 2. What specific marketing actions would you propose that Mall of America managers take to ensure its continuing success in attracting visitors (a) from the local metropolitan area and (b) from outside it? 3. Your assignment should be at least 1-2 pages in length.

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Quiz (40 points) This quiz will consist of questions taken from Chapters 12-13. The quiz will contain 20 multiple choice and/or True or False questions. This quiz covers the following material: •In Marketing: The Core read: oChapter 12, “Managing Marketing Channels and Supply Chains,” pages 271-294. oChapter 13, “Retailing and Wholesaling,” pages 295-316. MAR2305-14 Class Discussion (35 points) It is important to understand the sources of customer satisfaction in order to address the issue effectively. Lucas provides strategies to identify communication breakdowns.

Please review Chapter 7 in Customer Service Skills for Success, and discuss all the following questions: •What is your definition of a dissatisfied customer? •What are the sources of customer dissatisfaction? •What can service providers do to prevent and deal with dissatisfied customers? Individual Work (40 points) Service breakdowns can occur unexpectedly and need to be handled promptly. Complete the “Handling Service Breakdown at AAA Landscaping” case study on page 248 of your textbook. Please answer questions 1-4. Each answer should be a minimum of one paragraph. The total minimum document length should be 300 words.

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