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Cause or Effect of Gambling “Che-Ching! ” “Yes! Jackpot! ” shouted the man as he jumped up and down. However, will his happiness last forever? The nest time the man gambled, the money in his pocket completely turned to dust. From that day onwards, like a broken glass, his life is destroyed and almost impossible to bring back happiness. From this man’s case, clearly there are several negative effects of gambling. First of all, gambling will cause a person to have bankruptcy. Luck is not always by our side.

When a person grasps a lot of money, he will have more urge to gamble and eventually lose all of his money in the end. Following up by bankruptcy, gamblers will face many hard times with loan shark. Most of them are unable to pay back as the interest rate gradually increases. Time after time, loan shark will disturb their lives and force them to pay back in any chance. Reports review that loan shark can be so inhumane that they will wreck and destroy the victim’s house, kidnap and blackmail any family members, or even strangle them to death.

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Subsequently, gamblers will have a broken relationship with their family. Their action brings disgrace on the whole family due to bankruptcy and being hooked by loan sharks. More trouble will occur and family members have to leave them alone, desolated and unwanted, those gamblers are led to only one road, suicidal. In conclusion, gambling can ruin and even ends a person’s life. So before one choose to gamble, one must consider the deadly effects of gambling, before thinking of being filthy rich.

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